Junior ‘s FAQs

What is a junior league?
Our junior league is a group of skaters ages 8-17 that are learning the in’s and out’s of roller derby.


When and where do you practice?
We practice at Roll R Way 940 Vander Ave, York. Practice is held every other Saturday 10:30am to 12:30pm and every Sunday 5pm-6:30pm.


What do I do if my child is interested?
Contact the league through email at yorkcityjuniors@yahoo.com and you will be sent a registration link.


Will my 9 year old be skating with a 17 year old?
We have age range groups for certain levels of contact. Youth ages 9-12 will be practicing a passive style of game play whereas our youth 13-17 will practice full contact.


Will my child get hurt?
As with any sport, roller derby comes with injury as well.  Each child will go through 3 months of minimum skills training under the guileless of WFTDA and JRDA in to ensure safe and fair gameplay.


May I watch my child practice? 
Yes! We always encourage parents being involved. However we ask that you not interfere in practices, and you that you are maintaining a positive attitude towards all skaters and coaching staff.


When will my child be able to play?
After passing 3 skills evaluations with our coaching staff.

There are 3 levels of skaters:
1. Beginners  must exhibit minimal skating skills and endurance.

2. Intermediates must show advanced proficiencies in minimum skating skills and endurance.

3. Advanced skaters must be able to pass the full WFTDA minimum skills test and the written rules test.
ONLY advanced skaters may learn the game and scrimmage. This ensures safety of all involved!


Who do I talk to about my child’s progress?
Any questions you have on your child’s  skill development should be directed to the head coach. Please realize that not everyone learns at the same pace and some skaters that started with your child may advance quicker then they have. This is totally normal, as it happens in our adult league as well. This should never discourage you or your child as some of the best skater in this sport took a little longer to hone their skills.


Who are the coaches?
Our coaches are comprised of  YCDD Head Coach and several Adult  skaters who have  3 plus years derby experience. All coaches are trained in accordance with WFTDA Safety Protocol and have various training certifications and clearances.