The York City Derby Dames put the explanation point on yet another positive season at their Annual Awards Banquet, held November 17, 2018, at The Great American Tavern. The team handed out numerous awards, from the silly to the serious, to both players and Officials. Some of the awards were based on statistics and some were voted on by the team. The evening was filled with friends, family and good food. It was the perfect close to the 2018 YCDD season.
The Silly Awards!
Dynamic Duo: Works well together.
Winners: Ratchet and Toxic Sugar
Penalty Princess: The BOX is your Kingdom.
Winner: Slamentine
Purple Heart: Gnarliest injury of the season.
Winner: Slamentine
Ref in the BOX: Ref we’d most likely send to the box.
Winner: Verbal Assault
Life of the Party: On the track living it up.
Winner: Reaping Beauty
Team Spirit: You’ve Got It!
Winner: Kategory 5
Grace Under Fire: Calm, Cool and Collected in ANY Situation.
Winner: Toxic Sugar
Punchline Award: Always good for a laugh!
Winner: Reaping Beauty
Revenge of the Nerds: Rules Baby!
Winner: Devour
Five Seconds: NSO of Awesomeness.
Winner: Danno
Footwork: Footloose and Fancy Free.
Winner: Reaping Beauty
The Great Motivator: Hang In There Baby!
Winner: Rockin Rose
The Most Humble Badass Award.
Winner: Sundress Bangs
Fast As Fast Can Be: Speedy Skater.
Winner:  Heart Breaker
The Chameleon: Most Versatile Skater.
Winner: Wreckless Fairy
Team Player: Has the team’s back
Winner: Awe Shux
The WALL: Most likely to single handedly hold back an entire pack
Winner: Slamentine
Timex Award: Takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’
Winner:  Heart Breaker
Megaphone: Best Pack Communicator
Winner: Johnny Slays
Honeybadger: Does what they want, when they want.

Winner: Ratchet

Coaching Awards:
All Stars MVP Blocker: Madhouse Mexi
All Stars MVP Jammer:
Sundress Bangs
Cherry Lane MVP Blocker:
Johnny Slays
Cherry Lane MVP Jammer: H.P. ButtCraft
Goal Getter: Crushed their 2018 Season Goals:
Heart Breaker

Up and Coming : Rock n Rose, Kategory V
2018 Rookie of the Year: H.P. ButtCraft
2019 Skater to Watch: Wreckless Fairy

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